What is a Whole House Humidifier?

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A whole house humidifier is what keeps the house warm during cold periods. Not only that, it humidifies or moistens an entire room keeping the air clean and comfortable to breathe. It is connected to your furnace or central heating or conditioning system. When hot air enters the house, it goes into the humidifier. This hot air then goes out to the humidifier in the form of water droplets which are vaporized and released into the air vents in your home. Hence, it leaves the room with enough needed moisture.

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Benefits to Consider in Buying One

Having a humidifier keeps your wood furniture in good condition. Increased air humidity keeps the termites away. When these wooden cabinets, floors, art pieces and other furniture are exposed to extremely dry conditions, they can crack and shrink. The best whole house humidifier provides enough moisture to prevent this from happening. It is also beneficial for your health and comfort. Dry air can cause sore throat and cracked lips. A good humidity in a room can prevent these from happening. You will less likely contract colds and flu since the air will be cleaner and more breathable. Aggravation of sinus inflammation, asthma and other allergies will also be avoided as a result of proper humidity. Finally, it can be financially beneficial to have a humidifier. The usual practice of a homeowner is to turn up the thermostat to keep them warm during wintertime. This means that you consume more electricity. Hence you have a higher bill. When you have a humidifier, you can feel warm without increasing your thermostat settings too much. As a result, you can save a lot on your electric bill.

Why a Whole House is Better than a Portable Humidifier?

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A whole house unit is better than a portable one because it does not need so much maintenance than the latter one. Once it is set up you need not worry about the water source because it is connected directly to your plumbing system. As opposed to portable ones which need refilling of the water in its reservoir. Also, portable units need to have their own furnace blower, whereas whole house ones are connected to your furnace blower (that’s why they were also known as furnace humidifiers). When it comes to costs, whole house units are cheaper to buy and operate. Potable ones are quite expensive and bulky. Perhaps the advantage in having a portable one is that you can move it from place to place. However, they create some sound unlike in a whole house unit which is soundless.

Tips to Consider in Selecting Your Humidifier

Consider the different kinds of whole house units. One kind of humidifier is the drum system. It is a relatively cheap kind but requires a lot of maintenance. You have to regularly clean it to avoid growing molds. Another kind is the flow through the system which is a bit more expensive than the drum system. The unit utilizes a foam pad where dry air enters it, then creating moisture as it blows through it. This unit prevents mold accumulation. However, it also needs some maintenance such as cleaning and replacing the foam pad after a while. The third kind is the spray mist system which is the more expensive than the two previously mentioned because it requires the least maintenance.

Look for a unit size which suits and properly covers the area of your home. A unit which gives an output rate of 1.5 to 10 gallons a day is a good one because it does not consume a lot of electricity. Consider your budget when choosing the right unit model for you. Compute the expenses you might spend on maintenance and consider what will give you more savings in the long run. Compare the different units of humidifiers by reading reviews regarding each product. Choosing a quality brand should also be considered.

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