Choosing a Good Cooker Hood for Your Kitchen

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A healthy kitchen should have good air circulation. Unfortunately, limited land, home design difficulties, or where the kitchen is not possible to create good air circulation in the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen as a place to cook food produces dirty fumes that made uncomfortable. To overcome this problem, many who use the cooker hood kitchen. There are various options for this equipment.

Cooker Hood for Kitchen

Elegance Cooker Hood

Cooker hood is basically a tool that allows you to replace the dish with air so that the kitchen cleans air free of unhealthy air. To determine which cooker hood is suitable for use, you’ll want to know the options that exist and what the differences of each of these types of cooker hood.

Model Cooker Hood

Based on the shape or model, the cooker hood is divided into several forms, namely:

  1. SlimlineIs

    The simplest form, are small, thin, flat and usually placed at the edge of the room close to the wall. The type of this type does not have a chimney.

  2. Chimney

    The shape is similar to the slimline model, but with a larger size. This model has a chimney that is usually placed at the edge of the room.

  3. Island

    Called the island or the island because this type of cooker hood is placed in the middle of the room and there are pipes that can remove the dirty air.

Disposal System

Based on how it works to produce clean air, there are 2 ways air generated output.

  • Recirculation

In this system, dirty air, steam and cooking oil are sucked result is then processed to produce clean air. The air is then channeled back into the room.

  • Evacuation

How it works on evacuation system is a dirty air is inhaled and then removed from the pipe. Dirty air is thrown out of the room through a pipe, so the room cleans from dirty air.

Cooker Hood Suction Power

After determining the model and the workings of the cooker hood, now you can choose the amount of suction of this tool. The size of cooker hood suction is the ability to suck the dirty air. Suction power of the cooker hood is computed from its ability to suck per m3 per hour.

The amount of suction that is required depends on several factors, the first volume of the room is the kitchen. The bigger the room or the greater volume of space means it needs a large cooker hood larger suction.

Another factor that affects how much suction is needed is a cook who carried out activities in the kitchen. If you often create a dish that takes a long time such a rending or vegetable acids, would require a large suction power than if you just often cook instant foods, however, keep in mind also that the greater the power of suction, electricity required is also greater.

In order to function properly or to obtain maximum results, cooker hood required treatment. One should note is the cleanliness of the cooker hood filters that need to be maintained. This section along with frequent use will cause covered by dust or oil. Thus, periodic cleaning must be done so as not to interfere with the suction power of this tool.

Using the cooker hood in the kitchen is one way for homes, especially kitchens avoid dirty air that can damage the health. So the kitchen is no longer filled with smoke or smell of the cooking that makes uncomfortable.

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