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What is a Whole House Humidifier?

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A whole house humidifier is what keeps the house warm during cold periods. Not only that, it humidifies or moistens an entire room keeping the air clean and comfortable to breathe. It is connected to your furnace or central heating or conditioning system. When hot air enters the house, it goes into the humidifier. This hot air then goes out to the humidifier in the form of water droplets which are vaporized and released into the air vents in your home. Hence, it leaves the room with enough needed moisture.

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Benefits to Consider in Buying One

Having a humidifier keeps your wood furniture in good condition. Increased air humidity keeps the termites away. When these wooden cabinets, floors, art pieces and other furniture are exposed to extremely dry conditions, they can crack and shrink. The best whole house humidifier provides enough moisture to prevent this from happening. It is also beneficial for your health and comfort. Dry air can cause sore throat and cracked lips. A good humidity in a room can prevent these from happening. You will less likely contract colds and flu since the air will be cleaner and more breathable. Aggravation of sinus inflammation, asthma and other … Continue Reading